About Jo Maughan, Artist

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Jo Maughan lives in Guildford and paints from her home studio. 

She paints because she wants to express herself – her feelings, memories experiences – and to leave her mark in the world. 

She likes the smell & feel of paint; the getting messy; layering up; making marks with different tools; and the surprise of what emerges. 

Her subjects are interpretations of what she sees or feels. Expressive. Striking. Vibrant. Harnessing the joy and spontaneity that comes when she paints. Forms are simplified and bold. The paintings draw you in, inviting you to look further – as if you’re on a journey into the painting. Colours are 
uplifting, joyful, celebratory.
What Jo welcomes from you is a response. Any response! Do you love it or hate it? Are you curious to look more? Does it make provoke something in you –  a smile, a recognition, a wondering?

Jo is currently painting in acrylic and mixed-media.  

Screen prints, collographs and collages also feature in her portfolio. That's where she began when she took up art again in her early 40s after a break of 30+ years! 

Alongside art & painting, Jo enjoys hiking, baking and eating cakes! 


The Guildford Institute - 23 May to 30 June

Guildford Cathedral: 'Drawn together by Art' with the Grafham group.
Cranleigh Arts
Cranleigh Art & Crafts Society

Ochre Print Studio: 'How we persevered'.
Instagram: 'Emotional Baggage'
Caffè Nero in Reigate
Cranleigh Arts 

Ochre Print Studio, Summer Exhibition
Jo Maughan artist on instagram
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